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Austin can help with:

- Any marketing questions (Website, SEO, Social Media)
- Any golf questions (hitting the driver as far as possible)
- any bowling questions (being consistent)
- any restaurant questions
- any fitness questions

WEEZLE MARKETING / restaurants / fitness / golf

About : Austin was born and raised in broomfield, colorado. in 2017 he moved with his family out to missoula, mt.

Age : 31

Purpose : Wife, Dad of 2 (A 6 year old and a 3 year old), Business Owner

Education : college bachelors degree, hospitality management with minor in business and dietetics. 

skills : restaurant management, marketing, online business expert, fitness.

certificates : real estate (expired), serve safe management, nasm Cert (expired).

hobbies : golfing, hockey, bowling, ping pong, shooting, hunting, working out.

story : family : Austin grew up in a split house hold at the age of about ten. he lived with an older brother and older sister, being the youngest of the family. 

sports: Austin has always competed on the most competitive sports teams growing up which included : hockey, baseball, basketball, football, and golf. sports were basically his life as well as playing in a rock band in middle school and some high school. He loves playing piano, bass and acoustic guitar. 

education: Going to
college, austin was in the hospitality management program with his knowledge from basically living at his mom and step dad's bar in westminster, colorado growing up. at college he was apart of the ping pong club team, the bowling club team and the baseball club team.

Career: Basically managed every restaurant you could think of during college and after college, getting burnt out and starting his own marketing firm (by also being a huge nerd) and make people a lot of money online. 

Currently: Austin is living in missoula, montana with his wife and kids while running his small marketing firm, weezle llc. 
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