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Store Policy

Customer Care

We are here to listen, unprofessionally. We will challenge you if we can and let us know if you want us to continue. We are here to build a brand much more than just clothing. We want to listen and heal the Mental Ghosts so many of us have.


Privacy & Safety

If you are brave enough to tell us your story, please remember that your story will be shared with others that can heal by relating to it. 

- Be anonymous or share with your name, just heal yourself by sharing and being apart of our community.

- Your information is safe with us when you share! 

- When purchasing shirts, your information is secure!

- Your thoughts and feelings are secure with us, no judgements!

Wholesale Inquiries

We would love to be everywhere and we thank you for being interested. 

Email us for wholesale pricing so we can give back a bigger chunk of money to those who truly need it!

Thank you!

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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