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ethan can help with:

- any help focusing your life in balance
- being one of the most extreme, also one of the most centered
- mental health advocate 
- motorcyclist pro - indian, harley davidson, hog.
- Skateboarder, long-boarder, anything extreme
- ethan will give you perspective to be be more exciting.

motorcycle \ being wild \ being exciting

About : Ethan is from ohio, lives in warm long beach, california. 

Age : 33 or something

Purpose : living a full life and an extreme one

Education : meditation and breathe work. 

skills : doing wheelies on a harley, balance physically and metaphorically.

certificates : same. breathe work, yoga thing.

hobbies : riding motorcycles, talking to people, eating healthy, grounding himself, yoga, skate boarding, etc.

story : ethan has grown up in concussions and with concussions and wants to express the repercussions of having them.

Ethan is an amazing and wild soul. he is humble and the most interesting man we know. he is always ready to impress you and talk about anything.

did we mention, he does wheelies on motorcycles that are extremely heavy? 

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